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Survey Shows Adults with Acne or Acne Scarring are Viewed Differently

There was a recent study and survey performed on how adults with acne and severe acne scarring are viewed at work and outside of work.  The findings were fairly disappointing, leading to the conclusion that these adults were viewed significantly different than if they had pristine faces with no signs of past acne.  The findings of the survey were presented at the 26th annual scientific meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) in Boston Massachusetts.

The survey’s findings also pointed to more troubling facts outside of work, in these people’s personal lives.  It showed that women with moderate or severe acne scarring had a much harder time going out on dates than women with a smooth, acne scar-free complexion. At the workplace, strikingly similar results were found. The men and women interviewed in the survey who had moderate to severe acne scarring from more youthful days all reported that they knew they were looked at differently and faced more challenging obstacles at the workplace in gaining promotions, gaining the respect and confidence of their peers and clients, and generally reported a more difficult time at work than their counterparts who did not have acne scarring.

I think this study is interesting for one because maybe it’s the people’s personalities that presented them with these issues, and maybe it’s their lack of confidence at the workplace and in their personal life BECAUSE they have acne scarring as adults and are very self-conscious.  Regardless of what causes what, I think this survey shows that skin and a person’s complexion has a lot to do with self-esteem, first of all, which also reflects on how other few you.  Do they view you as confident?  Timid?  Shy?

Interesting Fact:

Remember in my last post I told you about the new acne laser therapy that was supposed to be available soon?   Supposedly this survey was carried out to get the new “Fraxel Laser” approved by the FDA, by showing that these adults with untreatable acne scarring were influenced by it, and it is indeed a life-imposing health issue that needs to be addressed.  Well, it worked, because this new laser was approved and is supposedly going to be put into common use sometime in the next year or so (from what it looks like).

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